Frequently asked questions

What does it take to become a member of ISBSTP?
Membership is open to pathologists, other physicians, clinical scientists and pathologists-in-training who share the society’s concerns and objectives.

How much does it cost to become a member of ISBSTP?
Dues are based on a calendar year, and run $75 for attending physicians. The fee is waived for pathologists in training.

How do I access the secure resources on this website?
To access the secure areas of the site, you must be accepted as a member of the Society. For more information regarding the Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology society (ISBSTP) membership, click here.

I cannot get access with my usename and password. What’s wrong?
Cookies are probably disabled in your browser. You must set your browser to accept cookies in order to gain access to this website. Note: Cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

For Internet Explorer: Tools –> Internet Options –> Security Tab –> Custom Level. Scroll down the menu until you reach Cookies and select the ‘Enable’ option on both settings. Save and close the menu. Restart Internet Explorer to allow these changes to take effect.

I have forgotten my username and password. How can I get it?
Click the blue button in the top right corner of the web page and select lost password.